Simple steps to Navigate the Annual Enrolment Season

Simple steps to Navigate the Annual Enrolment Season

  September 12, 2023

SEB Marketing Team

This is the season of annual enrolment for many companies. A time to make changes to benefits coverage and for HR professionals to make sure new programs are highlighted and key messages get communicated. Annual enrolment season can be a time of mixed emotions for everyone. For employees, there is the opportunity to reassess and choose benefits that align with their evolving needs. Yet, the sheer volume of information and decisions to be made can lead to confusion and stress. For HR Specialists, this period signifies the critical task of effectively rolling out new programs, making changes to existing plans, and communicating vital information to their workforce.

A well planned and thoroughly executed enrolment strategy is ideal for both employees and HR as many enrolments are not well communicated or clear, and this creates a lot of unease and can lead to low participation rates. At SEB Admin, we understand the importance of a stress-free annual enrolment experience. We know that a well-defined and structured guide can help employees navigate with confidence the labyrinth of benefit choices.

That’s why SEB has prepared an Annual Enrolment Checklist, designed to empower HR to properly guide employees with the right actions. This checklist serves as a roadmap, helping businesses of all sizes get organized and positioned to assist employees in navigating the complexity of benefit options and enrolment requirements.

The following 2 steps are cornerstones  for success; Planning Ahead and Project Planning:

Plan Ahead: Emphasises the steps to be taken before a launch to ensure a seamless enrolment period. These include:

  • Assess Your Current Plan – Gauge the current plan and compare it to the evolving needs of your employees.
  • Design and Offering Evaluation – Identify any necessary design changes or new offerings that need to be ready by the enrolment period.
  • Stay Compliant – Verify that legislation hasn’t changed which could impact benefits.
  • Price Point Considerations – Determine if there are any adjustments to pricing that need to be communicated to employees.
  • Simplify with Automation – Employees crave simplicity and ease. Consider automating the process and adding a single sign-on portal which consolidates multiple provider links in one user-friendly location.

Project Planning is key to having a well-executed annual enrolment. Employers can enhance success with these strategies:

  • Appoint a Seasoned Project Manager – Designate an experienced project manager to oversee and coordinate efforts to stay aligned and on time.
  • Communications Expert – Appoint a communications manager to facilitate communication and key messages to all the different employee groups that is clear, concise, and consistent.
  • Message Clarity – Highlight the key messages that need to be communicated and the best formats for reaching each employee group.
  • Learn from the Past – Review last year’s communications strategies and results to identify areas of improvement. Consider adopting a multi-media approach to engage employee effectively.
  • Explore a Benefits Website – If you do not have one already, consider a benefits website that is a hub for all benefits-related communications and resources.
  • Timing is Everything – Remember that timing of communication to various employee groups is as critical as the message being conveyed. Ensure messages are being delivered where and when they will be most impactful.

This annual benefits enrolment season, make a conscious choice to mitigate stress and turn a potentially overwhelming experience into a well-organized and manageable process.

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