Unwind and Relax to Enjoy a Tranquil Holiday Break

Unwind and Relax to Enjoy a Tranquil Holiday Break

  December 21, 2023

SEB Marketing Team

As the holiday break approaches, it’s time to welcome the opportunity to shift our focus from work-oriented tasks to allowing ourselves to be in the present moment. Going from deadlines to delightful moments or even calm and quiet can be challenging, so here are some ways to foster relaxation, get the most out of time off and focus on your wellbeing during this holiday season.

Digital Detox: Start your holiday break with a digital detox. Put away the devices, set your out-of-office message on your email, silence the notifications, and revel in the freedom from the digital buzz. Use this time to reconnect with loved ones, nature, or simply your own thoughts. Even if you keep your phone, every message might not require an immediate response.  You can make the decision to not look at your phone first thing in the morning. Technology is stimulating and creates stress in the body and allowing yourself time to wake naturally fosters relaxation.

Moments of Gratitude: Create a daily ritual of reflecting on gratitude. Thinking of three things you are grateful for before bed or when you wake up is a great practise all year round, but will especially enhance your wellbeing and get you in the festive spirit during the holidays.  Being grateful helps prevent taking these moments for granted.

Create a Reading Retreat: Immerse yourself in a good book. A fiction, thriller, or romance can transport you to another world and keep you entertained. Find a comfy spot in the house with lots of blankets and pillows. Turn the phone off, grab a soothing hot beverage and allow yourself to be transported for a few hours. The magic of a well-told story can be a perfect escape.

Nature Walk: One of the best ways to foster relaxation is to spend some time outside, taking a hike in the woods, listening to the birds, and hearing the crunch of snow beneath your feet. Whether it’s a snowy landscape or a crisp, sunny day, spending time outdoors can clear the mind and invigorate the spirit.

Creative Expression: Whether you have kids, grandkids, or are just letting your inner child out to play, spend some time engaged in a creative pursuit that brings you joy. Break out the colored pencils, the paints, the music or whatever strikes your fancy. Letting your creative juices flow can be a therapeutic way to unwind.

Get Active: Yoga, Essentrics, Zumba or simply stretching not only benefit your overall wellbeing, they help your mind and body relax and rejuvenate. If you’re entertaining this season, consider having Karaoke or dance-off parties for fun. During the holiday season be sure to take some time and connect with your body.

Indulge in Comfort Food: Treat yourself to your favorite comfort foods. Whether it’s baking cookies, preparing a hearty meal, or enjoying a cozy cup of tea, savoring comforting flavors can be a delightful way to unwind.

Spa Time: Work can be stressful and hard on the body. The holiday season is a great time to treat your self by getting a massage or therapeutic spa service to wash away any traces of stress, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Connect with Family & Friends: The holiday break is a great time re-connect with family & friends. If you are looking for something to do, break out the boardgames for some engaging laughs or have a gingerbread house building competition. You could also transform your space into a cozy cinema for a Holiday Movie Marathon Party.  Invite friends over, pop some popcorn, and binge-watch your favorite festive films for the ultimate movie-watching experience.

Outdoor Ice-Skating Adventure: Head to your local outdoor ice skating rink for a social adventure on ice. Skating together is not only a great way to embrace the winter season but also an opportunity for laughter, shared tumbles, and memories in the making.

As you step into your holiday break, remember that relaxation is not just a luxury but a necessity for your wellbeing. By incorporating these mindful activities into your days, you’re gifting yourself moments of peace, joy, and rejuvenation. Let this holiday season be a time of self-care and connection, allowing you to return to work with a refreshed spirit and a rested mind. Wishing you a restorative and joy-filled holiday break!