Unlock Your Potential: Remote Learning to Help Employees Level Up Their Skills

Unlock Your Potential: Remote Learning to Help Employees Level Up Their Skills

  March 13, 2023

Written by – Syeda Azad, SEB Marketing team

In recent times, remote learning has gained global adoption for professional training and development, owing to the rise in the number of workers engaged in remote or hybrid positions. These training modules are frequently delivered via webinars, online workshops, and courses, with flexibility being the prime draw. Employees can determine the time and place to take the course, and set their own learning pace, resulting in enhanced outcomes, higher engagement, and a more skillful workforce.

The hallmark of remote training lies in its unmatched flexibility, as courses are typically available around the clock. This feature empowers employees to learn at their own pace, on their own terms, from any location in the world. Furthermore, the global accessibility of remote training increases the chance that the best resources and content around the world is delivered, irrespective of physical proximity to the instructor.

Remote training software also easily incorporates feedback, allowing for a quick turnaround to update course content structure. Continuous feedback and software system improvements allow for a better learning experience for employees that can translate to a more skilled workforce.

Here are some of the top 3 free or low-cost employee skills development and training development pathways available:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
    Microsoft Office Training Center offers a variety of free online training courses for their applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word and other applications where learners have the ability to practice exercises, complete interactive guides, and view tutorials at their own pace. Udemy is another platform offering both free and paid Microsoft Office virtual courses through the use of videos, worksheets and exercises, and quizzes.
  • Digital Literacy Training
    Digital Literacy training includes an individual’s ability to maneuver through various software and technological skills, for digital proficiency. The Microsoft Digital Literacy program offers free online courses on digital literacy which includes but is not limited to computer basics, productivity enhancement programs, and digital ecosystems through the use of video tutorials, exercises, and assessments. An alternative to the Microsoft Digital Program is the Google Digital Garage, offering free online modules and certifications on various technical skills such as coding, digital marketing, and data analytics through the use of tutorials and quizzes.
  • Customer Service Enhancement
    LinkedIn Learning’s 30-day free trial and HubSpot Academy both provide a myriad of free courses from a variety of different topics including some excellent customer service enhancement courses which consist of service training, customer empathy, and customer service automation. Both these platforms provide learning content through the use of videos, readings, and quizzes.

Make use of these valuable resources to empower and upskill your team.