How to Keep your workforce Engaged and Healthy this Summer

How to Keep your workforce Engaged and Healthy this Summer

  June 12, 2024

SEB Marketing Team

As summer approaches, everyone looks forward to longer days and warmer weather. Companies have a unique opportunity to promote health, teamwork and motivation to enhance employee wellbeing, and develop and maintain a thriving workforce. As wellness programs have proven to benefit both employers and employees, here are some innovative ideas to kickstart your summer wellness programs:

Team Building Outdoor Activities: Whether it’s organizing a picnic in the park, a sports day, or taking meetings and brainstorming sessions outside on a gorgeous day, these community events and moments allow employees to relax and interact in more casual settings. Not to mention, they can also boost camaraderie and improve inter-departmental relationships, and changing the environment can spur more creativity and make the day more enjoyable. Consider offering prizes in outdoor games for the winning teams to add an extra layer of excitement.

Flexible Summer Hours: Consider half days on Fridays or a compressed workweek in order to give employees more time to enjoy summer activities. Another option might be to offer more remote workdays, reducing the stress of commuting, and allowing employees to work from their home while enjoying some sunshine, or going outside to work in a patio or a coffee shop. This flexibility can lead to higher job satisfaction and productivity.

On-Site Fitness Classes:  On-site yoga and meditation classes scheduled before work, during lunch breaks, or after hours, provide employees with convenient opportunities to reduce stress and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Try introducing ‘deskercise’ routines that can be done at the desk and promote mindfulness in regard to flexibility, posture, and a culture of overall health. This could be incorporated into a fitness challenge to also encourage employees to stay active. 

Healthy Eating and Hydration Initiatives: Partner with local vendors to provide healthy snacks and meals in the office once a month or throughout the summer. Consider setting up a salad bar, smoothie station, or weekly delivery of fresh fruits. Also, ensure employees stay hydrated by installing hydration stations with infused water options such as with herbs and fruit. Highlight the benefits of nutritious eating through educational workshops or cooking demonstrations.

Active Commute Initiatives: Organize a Bike to Workday to encourage employees to swap their cars for bicycles. Provide incentives like breakfast for participants, bike safety workshops, or even a raffle for a new bike. This initiative promotes physical activity and can reduce the carbon footprint of your office. Another option is to form walking groups that meet before or after work, or during lunch breaks. Choose different routes around the office to keep things interesting. Walking groups not only boost physical health but also provide a great opportunity for social interaction.

Fun and Relaxation Activities: Incorporate short mindfulness sessions into the workday. These can be guided by a professional or available as audio recordings. Practicing mindfulness can help employees stay focused and calm throughout the day. Offer creative workshops such as a Paint Nite or a Gardening Nite where employees can create terrariums or mini gardens. These experiences can be both team building and therapeutic, as well as rewarding, allowing employees a chance to unwind and express themselves which leads to increased happiness and satisfaction.

Implementing these summer wellness programs can significantly boost employee engagement and health during the sunny season. Offering a variety of activities and flexible options caters to diverse interests and needs, ensuring every employee finds something beneficial. Fostering a culture of wellness and care during the summer not only lifts morale but also contributes to a more productive and positive workplace. Embrace the season to create an environment where employees thrive both personally and professionally.