FlexPlus® ENTERPRISE – The Ultimate Hybrid Solution for Group Benefits Advisors

FlexPlus® ENTERPRISE – The Ultimate Hybrid Solution for Group Benefits Advisors

  May 24, 2023

SEB Marketing team

In benefits administration, advisors often encounter challenges stemming from inefficient manual processes or the inflexibility of their current systems. Manual processes can drain resources, lead to errors and risk, and can be a deterrent to scaling your business. Additionally, rigid systems can hinder adaptability and limit the ability to meet clients’ evolving needs.

With these challenges in mind, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions that can streamline administrative processes, enhance flexibility, and provide a more modern and user-friendly experience for enrolment. As an answer to these market needs, we developed a ground-breaking platform, FlexPlus ENTERPRISE, aimed at addressing these challenges head-on and revolutionizing the landscape of benefits administration systems.

The goal was to create an end-to-end billing and benefits administration platform that would allow advisors to design and administer more flexible plans, and free up their time to allow them to scale their business more efficiently.  Clients, small and medium-sized employers, gain access to a modern digital benefits experience, making them more equipped to attract and retain good talent. Here are a few key features built into FlexPlus ENTERPRISE:

Carrier Agnostic

FlexPlus ENTERPRISE is carrier-agnostic to accommodate benefits with a single or multiple carriers for any plan design. It eliminates the need for administrators to access multiple carrier portals for updates, saving time and reducing errors and risk. Administrators can easily change rates or carriers for multiple benefits with minimal effort and since you have access to client data, can potentially avoid a re-enrolment. 

Flexible Configuration

The platform offers flexible configuration, to design and manage all plan types, including traditional, modular, and flex. Administrators can swiftly set up and onboard groups without special development, ensuring an improved experience for their clients.

Competitive Differentiation

FlexPlus Enterprise is a powerful tool for advisors to differentiate themselves from their competition. With the ability to create more flexible plan designs, advisors can tailor benefits solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, offering a more personalized and comprehensive approach.

Expanded Product Offering

It opens opportunities for advisors to offer best-in-class products to their clients. By diversifying their product portfolio, advisors can attract new clients and maximize revenue streams.

Streamlined Business Processes

FlexPlus Enterprise automates numerous business processes, allowing advisors to operate their business more efficiently.  Processes such as group set up, plan design configuration and enrolment are streamlined, which frees up time for the advisor that can be used to scale their business and to nurture client relationships rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

Enhanced Client Experience

The platform empowers advisors to create a better experience for clients and their employees. The platform’s self-service capabilities, responsive workflows, and digital enrolment experience enhance overall satisfaction, making it easier for advisors to retain clients and strengthen long-term relationships.

Tool to Attract and Retain Talent

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is a priority for employers. FlexPlus ENTERPRISE equips advisors with the flexibility to design attractive benefit plans that can help employers stand out and appeal to job candidates. By offering self-service portals for both employers and employees, updates can be made by employees in real time, reducing administrative responsibilities for employers, while creating a more engaging and efficient benefits management process.

Future-Proof Solution

FlexPlus ENTERPRISE was built with the future in mind to ensure long-term viability and adaptability of the solution. With SEB’s commitment to ongoing investment and innovation, advisors can trust that this platform will evolve alongside the industry and technological advancements. This future-proof approach saves advisors from the hassle of switching platforms as technology changes, providing them with stability and continuity.

In conclusion, by embracing FlexPlus ENTERPRISE, advisors can supercharge their growth, elevate their services, and forge lasting partnerships with their clients. Explore the future of benefits administration with FlexPlus ENTERPRISE and experience a modern and digital user experience that is comparable with a large market experience. This additional advantage allows you to offer a seamless and sophisticated benefits management solution that rivals the industry’s top players.

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