SEB Administrative Services Inc. and Mind-Easy Inc. Forge a Business Partnership to Boost Cultural and Linguistic Inclusion to Reduce the Impact of Stigma and Foster Preventative Mental Health Care in the Canadian Workforce

Mississauga, August 24th, 2023 – SEB Administrative Services Inc. (“SEB Admin”) a wholly owned subsidiary of Smart Employee Benefits Inc. (“SEB”), a leading provider of innovative technology and services for employee benefits administration, is thrilled to announce an impactful collaboration with Mind-Easy Inc, an acclaimed mental health platform, with the shared mission of advancing cultural competence and promoting inclusive mental health care for employees and their dependents across Canada.

Recognizing that mental health care must be sensitive to diverse cultural backgrounds and individual experiences, Smart Employee Benefits has joined forces with Mind-Easy Mental Health to address the pressing need for culturally competent mental health support. By integrating Mind-Easy’s cutting-edge platform with SEB’s extensive network and expertise, this business partnership aims to create a truly inclusive mental health ecosystem for all employees.

The Mind-Easy service is an asynchronous mental health solution that adapts to the individual characteristics of a user’s specific identity to help regulate their mood on a day-to-day basis and reduce emotional vulnerability in the long-term. The platform is delivered in different languages, dialects, and accents.

Through this partnership, SEB’s clients and their employees will gain access to the most innovative digital mental health solutions that are catered for different linguistic, cultural, and identity centric needs.

Mohamad El Chayah, President and CEO SEB Administrative Services Inc, commented, “We are excited to embark on this groundbreaking partnership with Mind-Easy. We recognize the importance of reducing the impact of stigma and promoting the benefits of preventative mental health care. By collaborating with Mind-Easy, we are taking a significant step forward in achieving these goals by ensuring that our mental health support services are culturally competent and linguistically accessible to all our clients’ employees and their dependents, and respects the unique needs and experiences of each individual.”

Mind-Easy Inc.’s Co-founder and CEO, Alexandra Assouad, shared similar sentiments, stating, “Our team at Mind-Easy is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and care that is inclusive and considerate of diverse cultures. By teaming up with SEB, we can extend our reach and make a positive impact and user experience with more individuals from various communities and ensuring they have access to resources that resonate with their unique identities and experiences.”

This partnership comes at a pivotal moment when the importance of inclusive mental health care is increasingly recognized across industries. By bringing together Smart Employee Benefits’ industry-leading technology and Mind-Easy Mental Health’s expertise in cultural competency, the two organizations aim to make a profound difference in the mental health landscape in Canada, contributing to healthier and more resilient workplaces.

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About Mind-Easy Inc.

Mind-Easy is a proactive mental health platform offering accessible, evidence-based resources and tools to individuals and organizations seeking to prioritize identity-centric mental wellbeing. Mind-Easy delivers mental health care that puts at the forefront the importance of adaptivity in mental wellbeing.

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