MedImpact and SEB Bring Artificial Intelligence FWA Solution to Canada

Customized machine learning tools and technology tailored for the Canadian market help detect and prevent prescription fraud early
Toronto, Canada: March 18, 2021 — To help employers and health plans gain more control over fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA), MedImpact Canada Limited and SEB Administrative Services Inc. are launching an advanced analytics and reporting solution to combat FWA in Canada. The solution, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), promotes payment integrity, compliance, and member safety.

Healthcare FWA runs the gamut from minor one-time overpayments to highly sophisticated criminal networks embezzling millions of dollars that result in higher healthcare costs, inappropriate clinical care, and tax administrative resources. In Canada alone, industry experts estimate 2% to 10% of every healthcare dollar is lost to fraud, costing $600 million to $3.4 billion annually.1

“Traditional strategies to identify and mitigate FWA are no longer effective in today’s ever-evolving, high-cost healthcare landscape,” said Dan Parrish, Vice President, Underwriting & Pharmacy Analytics at MedImpact Healthcare Systems. “AI and machine learning analytics are imperative as a first step in identifying potential discrepant claims.”

In an effort to bring bold, time-tested solutions and innovative technology to Canadian employers and health plans, MedImpact Canada Limited formed a strategic business alliance with SEB Administrative Services (SEB Admin), a wholly owned division of Smart Employee Benefits Inc., to leverage the services of MedImpact Canada Limited’s affiliate MedImpact Healthcare Systems Inc. — the largest independent pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) in the U.S.

With more than 30 years of pharmacy benefit expertise, MedImpact Healthcare Systems customized the FWA pharmacy solution to meet the needs of Canadian employers and health plans. MedImpact Canada Limited is working with SEB to bring it to the Canadian market. Through AI and machine learning, the tailored solution captures and analyzes pharmacy dispensing patterns in Canada to help address Canada’s unique FWA challenges. The FWA solution is the first of multiple MedImpact solutions applicable to the Canadian marketplace.

“There is no independent pharmacy focused solution like this in Canada today,” said Mohamad El Chayah, COO of SEB and President/CEO of SEB Admin. “Our relationship with MedImpact Canada Limited allows us to unlock and extract exponential value to Canadian benefit plans by introducing proven AI solutions to combat FWA in the Canadian marketplace. This further emphasizes SEB’s efforts to provide Canadian public and private plan sponsors leading edge solutions that best optimize plan sponsor dollars to the benefit of plan members.”

FWA Analytics as a Service (AaaS) claim-level outlier scoring and rules flags monitor all activity to help ensure appropriate payments and clinical safety while summary reports track utilization and trends, providing plans:

  • Comprehensive Oversight by continuously monitoring all claim activity to help ensure erroneous claims are not paid
  • Loss Mitigation by streamlining early identification of potentially suspicious activity
  • Investigative Efficiency by allowing plans to focus resources on high-risk activity with flags and scores generated by a data-driven, AI-powered outlier detection solution
  • Insightful Reporting that helps plans stay ahead of emerging schemes by identifying high-risk trends and systemic issues through summary level reports

A global crisis
FWA is a worldwide healthcare crisis that costs an estimated $415 billion and accounts for 7.29% of total global healthcare spending every year, according to the World Health Organization.2
“Internationally, fraud and overutilization of finite healthcare resources plague private and public payer systems — and Canada is no exception,” said Amar Mahmood, MD, PhD, General Manager, MedImpact International, an affiliate of MedImpact Canada Limited. “Prescriptions are the most prevalent intervention modality in healthcare. MedImpact employs the technologies to uncover hidden patterns across prescription data to effectively mitigate FWA and respond faster, should it occur.”

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MedImpact Canada Limited
MedImpact Canada Limited is pleased to offer this FWA Analytics as a Service product to SEB’s clients through our strategic business relationship with SEB. Through this offering, Canadian entities will have the opportunity to benefit from PBM solutions targeting FWA, including holistic and coordinated data analytics, due to the relationship between MedImpact Canada Limited and its healthcare industry leading affiliates, such as MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.

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1 Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association:
2 World Health Organization: