FlexPlus PAY

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Tired of manual cheques?

Discover how your organization can automate the collection of payments from employees outside of regular payroll deductions and Go Paperless.
Discover Core Features

Flexible automated payment solutions.

Automate Money Transactions
Collect off-payroll employee benefit payments (leaves, retirees).
Secure & Compliant
Secure and fully compliant to digitize and automate a once cumbersome manual process.
Digital Experience
Conveniently notifies employees to set up their automatic banking for collection of funds.
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Advanced Administration
Dashboard to identify billing history in real time. Changes to premium amounts, late and delinquent payments are managed seamlessly with no manual intervention required.
Reporting & Analytics
Members can track and view all payment details in real time.
Responsive Design
Intuitive design that automatically adapts to your preferred device.