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Evaluation Tool Small/Medium Market

Evaluation Tool Small/Medium Market

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My current benefits administration provider or in-house system allows the flexibility to easily adjust or add a new offering to my client’s benefits plan?
I can easily move a client to a new carrier without initiating a re-enrollment for members.
My current benefits administration system enables self-service capabilities for Plan Sponsors and Plan Members.
I have visibility to my client’s member data and their benefits experience to do the analysis required to improve the client experience.
I am confident that the member enrollment experience is modern and can compare with large market employer systems.
I am confident that my benefits administration provider has the highest standards in place for protecting my client data.
My provider offers best-in-class products to diversify my product offering and offers revenue share via a product marketplace.
I can easily scale my business without adding costly overhead to manage manual administrative processes. My benefits administration system was built with rules and intelligence, so that you don’t have to hire benefits expertise.
I am confident that my current benefits administration system eliminates the major delays to member coverage.
I am confident that my provider is innovative and the system can grow with industry advances in technology and benefits.

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0-20 = Consider a new provider immediately
21-30 = Research new provider solutions that can offer the flexibility needed
31-35 = Your current provider/solution is sufficient, but consider what’s out there in terms of innovation
36-40 = You have the right provider/solution in place.