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Evaluation Tool Large Market

Evaluation Tool Large Market

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*If you are a broker/advisor administering benefits to groups less than 1000 employees, use this link instead

My current benefits administration provider or in-house system allows the flexibility to easily adjust or add new offerings to my benefits plan?
My current benefits administration system can support multiple carriers across different benefits within the same plan to ensure I can achieve the best rates.
My current benefits administration provider’s system provides a modern and intuitive enrollment experience with self-service capabilities for Plan Sponsors and Plan Members.
My current provider is innovative, working to provide new features such as electronic beneficiaries, all gender benefits solutions and real time approval for digital voluntary products.
My current benefits administration system is carrier agnostic (independent from the insurance carrier) to enable an easy carrier transition if I choose to switch carriers.
I am confident that my benefits administrator has deep domain knowledge and benefits bench strength to support my employees.
I am confident that my benefits administration provider has the highest standards and certifications in place for protecting my employee data.
My provider offers best-in-class products that I can make available as part of my benefits offering to attract and retain talent.
I am confident that my benefits administration provider has a solid track record in the industry for delivering what has been promised to clients.
I am confident that my provider is innovative, and the system can grow with industry advances in technology and benefits.

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0-20 = Consider a new provider immediately
21-30 = Research new provider solutions that can offer the flexibility needed
31-35 = Your current provider/solution is sufficient, but consider what’s out there in terms of innovation
36-40 = You have the right provider/solution in place.

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